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It’s so easy for your roof repairs to drop lower on your to-do list when there are so many other home expenses that get in the way. These can be costly consequences for your roof. When you ignore these repairs, you can be endangering your family, health, and create money issue in the long run.

Health problems can be a factor in the long run. When even the smallest water leaks seep into your home, this can lead to mildew, mold, and/or bacteria. The moisture will seep into your home, contaminating the spots like the attic and eventually will get in your walls. These issues can lead to allergic reactions and other health concerns.

Time is of the essence! Delays never solve the problem. Shingles that are missing, torn, broken won’t repair themselves and can lead to more damage.

A leaking roof is always a terrible sign. This can and most likely will spread to other areas of your home weakening the roof. Leaks are just the beginning! If water can get it, it’s almost always certain that insects, rats, and other smaller animals have a way into your home

Expensive? Yes! But the longer you keep it low on your to-do list, the more likely you’ll pay more later on. This can mean issues for the rest of your home with the amount of water leaking into your foundation and walls. Walls may be damaged, and the structure of your home might be in danger.

If you’re dealing with leaks, there’s a chance of your roof and ceilings falling in. This would be considered roof failure, and you will need to remove and replace the entire roof. If mold or other toxins have made their way your home, you’ll have to call a professional to help. Pest control may need to visit as well if you have insects and animals that have entered your home.

Insurance policies for your home typically cover damages from storms or other natural disasters. If it looks like you just neglected your roof, then the insurance company may see no obligation to help you financially.

Don’t compromise the safety of your family and home by neglecting your roof’s needs. For an expert’s opinion, reach out to a professional contractor from Berglund Homes at 781-879-3406 today!

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