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For most, it just takes one serious incident to realize how incredible a proper roof inspection can be. This blog looks at the importance of having your home’s roof inspected (which goes for business owners as well) in four quick sections.

Catching Problems as Mole Hills, Not Mountains

In other words, it’s always better to spot roof problems when they’re small and still somewhat insignificant. Other than a freak accident or uncharacteristically severe weather for the home’s specific area, the vast majority of roofing problems take a while to get noticeably troublesome. Easy examples would be a small hole left by a previous contractor in a ridge gap which can lead to leaks, improper drainage systems that can lead to oversaturation of entire sections of the roof, missing tiles, the breakdown of tile adhesives, and excessive moisture buildup due to degrading slope.

A roof inspection performed by a seasoned and educated professional can become a saving grace for a small fraction of the overall costs. Once structural damage has been done, costs tend to climb much faster.

Maintaining Warranty Protection

For whatever reason, some people are unaware (or often they simply forget) that most roofing warranties require yearly or biannual inspections. Should one or two inspections get skipped and suddenly an unseen issue becomes a real problem, the homeowner could be left to pay out of pocket. 

Correcting Improper Roof Care & Decisions

Along with spotting problems when they’re mole hills insteads of mountains, roof inspectors are specialists! They know roofs, roofing materials, supporting structural elements, and the costs for roofing upgrades and installations the way sushi chefs know fresh fish. They’ll see incorrect courses of action and understand the math behind all potential preventative measures an owner can take.

Damage, Downtime, Property Value Loss

For business owners, alongside the general costs of installing or completely replacing a roof, there’s many other associated costs – inventory destruction, lost sales from downtime during repairs, unhappy customers, damaged equipment or internal assets, etc. An inspector could spot something early on that if neglected too long could actually jeopardize the entire business and its investments. For homeowners, roofing problems and bad inspections can be not only a loss of overall property value but curb appeal as well.

How Often to Get a Roof Inspection?

First, read through warranty information (for both the roofing as well as related equipment, piping, installations, etc.) to ensure it’s understood and followed to the letter. If for some reason the roofing isn’t insured it’s good practice to have a roof inspected twice a year, usually in the fall and spring. To be prudent, schedule them after serious weather-related events as well.

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