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Winter Roof Preparation

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the preparation you’ll need to do in order to make sure your home is ready to handle the snow.  One of the most important things to prepare is your roof.  Since your roof is your homes first line of defense against the elements, you want to make sure it is ready to handle anything New England has to throw at it.  There are a few key things to be aware of when preparing your roof for winter.  Lets take a look at them here:

Check Your Shingles

When making sure your roof is prepared for winter, the first place to examine is the structural integrity of your shingles. You should make sure there are no shingles that are falling apart or blowing off your roof.  If there are any areas where your shingles are beginning to fall off of your roof, be sure to fix these areas.  While a missing shingle or two likely wouldn’t effect your home much in the summer, with all of the added moisture your roof will be dealing with as the snow sits and melts off of it, your should make sure your roof is in great condition before the snow begins to fall

Clean Your Gutters

Another important piece of your roof maintenance routine is cleaning your gutters.  Since the debris that collects in your gutters holds a lot of moisture, it is important to clean them out as the debris will freeze when the weather cools, and you won’t be able to get it out until the spring thaw.  Having full gutters just means that if your roof is susceptible to having ice dams, they will have even less area to drain into, and it will cause water to back up on your roof more quickly.  Therefore, it is important to make sure you clean your gutters.

Insulate Your Attic

Another step you can take that can benefit your wallet in the long run is installing insulation below your attic.  By insulting your attic, you can potentially address two problems at once.  The first is controlling heat loss.  If you insulate your attic, you will lose less heat through the top of your home, which will cut down on your heating bills.  The other lesser known benefit is that it can cut down on ice dams.  Since ice dams form because the heat escaping through your roof melts the snow on the top of your roof, insulating your attic can help cut down on ice dams.  If you don’t have heat escaping through your roof, the snow on your roof won’t melt which is what forms ice dams.  Therefore, if you haven’t insulated your attic, and you frequently deal with ice dams in the winter, this is a great step to take.

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