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There are plenty of contractors out there who will tell you they are experienced, but when it comes time to complete the work, it becomes obvious that they don’t have the experience they claimed to have. Here are five common mistakes that inexperienced roofers will make.

Forgetting the Leak Barrier

One of the lesser known components of a completed roof is the leak barrier. The leak barrier, installed below the shingles, is added to prevent moisture from getting behind the shingles and into the roof deck and frame of the home. Not having a leak barrier installed on your home could end up causing significant rot damage to your home’s frame.

Nailing Errors

When it comes to installing shingles, there is a system in place depending on what kind of shingles you’re installing.  When you begin to deviate away from the system, you’ll see problems with your roof.  Common nailing issues include not using enough nails, putting them in incorrect places, or under and over driving them.

Missing The Starter Shingles

Another common roofing mistake is forgetting to install the starter shingles.  When installing a roof, there are shingles fitted with a special adhesive that are installed at the edges of your roof.  This helps prevent damage to the roof in event of an extreme weather event like a tropical storm or tornado. Even during a particularly windy day, if your roof does not have starter shingles installed along the edges, you may see your roof lift away from your home.  Starter shingles are an essential piece of the roofing puzzle, and if your contractor neglects to install them, your roof could face storm damage.

Improper Flashing

If your roof has any openings at all, whether its a chimney, windows, or skylights, you will need to have flashing installed around all of the openings.  If your contractor neglects to install flashing, you can expect water damage to appear around all of the openings in your roof.

Poor Shingle Installation

Finally, your contractor could simply install the shingles themselves poorly.  Whether they are not properly aligned, overlapping, spaced out too far, or damaged and cracked in some way, if your shingles themselves are poorly installed, you can certainly expect to see some water damage in your home.

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