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We did not plan on building a home, but after an unfortunate turn of events (house fire) we were faced with the daunting task of building a new home. The team at Berglund led by Jay and team members Mike, Shane and Tim helped us every step of the way. We are now in our new home and while we did not plan this, we were lucky to have a knowledgeable team to make decisions for us all along the way.  For people not familiar with the building process, Berglund informed us along the way.
Sue & Glen

To Whom It May Concern:

As we are now having the house closed, I can say without hesitation our first impression about Jay has been validated. We have found the entire process to be what it should be enjoyable and exciting time building the house of our dreams. Jay and his team made us feel like our biggest life investment was a top priority for them. The personalized attention and genuine commitment we received from the very first meeting with him has been consistent throughout every step of the process.

Trained as engineer, I have to admit that I have not been the easiest of clients. Traits of paying attention to details, precision engineering and producing the most reliable products are the must from making laser for defending our country to the commercial application of fiber optic telecommunication. Similarly in building a custom house I have very high standard and service expectations of everyone involved in such a substantial home construction project and process. While the road to completion of our home was not without its challenges, the level of customer support, quality workmanship, perseverance and commitment made by Jay and his team definitely differentiate Berglund Homes from the crowd. Jay at all times has maintained and acted in a professional manner. He has shown great patience in my many scheduled and unscheduled on-site visits. He always is a good listener. Jay delivered on what he promised. Jay also did a wonderful job identifying superb subcontractors. He, his foremen as well as his other key team members were bright, articulate, and flexible yet firm in making sure that there was careful attention to details.

One of points worthwhile highlighting here is that Jay truly believes that his home building is a reflection of himself so he would not do anything that would tarnish his reputation. More than once during the construction he made changes on site to upgrade from the original prints without any additional charge because of his strong desire to make sure that everything maintains his high standards and the entire house has the flow of a homogeneous quality level. Each home he builds is his creation and he strives for perfection and is proud of his work, which has truly impressed me.

I fully believe he will keep his keen energy and upcoming “rising star” attitude, commitment to quality, and customer service as he continues to build his reputation as premier custom home builder. I highly recommend Jay Berglund as a trusted builder with integrity that will live up to his word and meet your expectations.

Respectfully submitted,

Ninghui Zhu, Ph.D.

Monday, September 16, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure and without reservation, to highly recommend Jay Berglund of Berglund Homes. Our entire experience exceeded all expectations, and then some.

Along our home search course, we happened upon one of Jay’s spec houses, nearing 50% completion. We contacted his selling agent, Steve Stratford directly, and were promptly connected to meet with Jay. Following an incredibly thorough discussion and walk through of the house and plans, we confidently made an offer, which he accepted.

For the remainder of the home building process, Jay kept to his proposed timeline, included us in some decision-making, and made himself personally available to answer all questions. At the time of inspection, our hand selected, highly seasoned and award-winning inspector found few structural problems with the property, and indicated the electrical work was A+, a quality rarely encountered.

We have found the subcontractors Jay employs to be of high caliber, courteous, and easy to communicate with. Following the purchase of the house, we rehired Gerry of Earthscapes to do some additional landscaping, with which we are very pleased. We also plan to contact the electricians and plumbers who worked on the house, for any future needs we may have.

At the time of closing, our attorneys found the communication with Jay’s to be seamless and timely. Jay also attended the closing, making the entire exchange more personal. It was very nice to thank him face to face.

Over the course of the first year of ownership, the very few times we encountered any problems, Tim Abbot (Jay’s site manager) was prompt to address whatever issues arose. The one-year warranty was 100% respected, without question.

We wish Jay much success on his future projects, and hope to see more of his homes popping up in our neighborhood. Without hesitation, we would be happy to speak with anyone considering a Berglund Home of their own.


Dan and Tish

Lexington, MA

Jay built our home in Lexington! We purchased it just after it was built and are the first owners. We are pleased with the design, the quality of the workmanship, and the energy efficiency of the home. Most importantly, when we were going through the purchasing process, we really enjoyed working with Jay and his team. They are dependable, resourceful, and most importantly honest and trustworthy. We are so pleased with the home and experience with Berglund, that when we wanted to do some additional finishing work last year, we hired Berglund to do the work. Here, we really got to know the team over the few months they worked on the project and they were all terrific to work with and we are very happy, again, with the end product. When we are ready to do more enhancements, we will call Berglund first!


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